APC Support Classes for Session 01  has been commenced… (On Every Fridays)

Dear All,

Kindly forward this message to all new comers to APC class sessions.

They must need to fill-up the online attendance form from the below link prior attending to the class sessions. Then your number will be adding to our regular communicating APC WhatsApp group, as well as we will be distributing our APC class materials through the WhatsApp  group after the classes to all participants

In-addition to that, we will be uploading all the APC class materials materials along with audio recordings timely into our e-Learning Content Database of SLQSOman.Org website  specially aiming to help for distance learning participants who are located in very far remote locations by converting our Traditional Class Rooms into Blended Learning Class Room Sessions

Are you attending to APC Class on this Friday: Register online and confirm your seat now

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