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You can ask any question from ChatGPT AI Robot like..

  • what is the critical path in project management?
  • explain the Dispute Boards in the Construction Industry, their use in the GCC region, and suggestions on statutory adjudication schemes.
  • explain for Sri Lankan Quantity Surveyors in Oman How To Recover From Your APC Failure
  • explain to sri lankan quantity surveyors Introduction To Whole Life Cycle & Life Cycle Costing
  • explain how to Dealing With Inflation In Construction Industry in oman
  • Write a letter to sub contract to complete the mobilization and start the excavation work before 30th July 2023 as per the sub contract terms and conditions. if fail to follow the deadline, sub contract agreement will be hold for 2 months
  • write a memo for staff in commercial department to follow sub contract agreement new format from 30th August 2023 onwards
  • explain quantity surveying best practice of road construction oman
  • explain about Al Tasnim Enterprises LLC company
  • translate English to arabic   What is your name, what is your company, what is you mobile number

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