Download APC : T017 Contract Practice Part1 by Mr.Dhanushka Perera

  What is a Contract? Simple Definition:- A legally binding agreement between two or more parties in which  there is a promise to do something in return for a valuable benefit  known as consideration. Another Definition:- A contract is an agreement between two parties which creates, for those parties, legally binding rights and obligations. Contract  can be made in form of Oral or in Writing. Contracts that must be in writing; Eg. Buying or selling a house or land (if without writing, then the  contract is VOID and not simply unenforceable).   APC Class Materials   Download: Class Materials    

Download APC : Conduct Rules, Ethics and Professional Practice (M005) Part-1 by Mr. Priyanka Nuwan

Download: Class Materials The Global Professional and Ethical Standards There are five standards. All members must be able to demonstrate that they: Act with integrity This means being honest and straightforward in all that you do. This standard includes, but is not limited to the following behaviours or actions: ........…